Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown

boys adore Moshi Monsters, the little characters have had plenty of adventures
here, plus with a tree house and a mall to enjoy life is good!

with the boys being such fans I had to get involved in the countdown of the
next launch of figures.

So without
further delay today I have the first of seventeen Moshi Monsters to introduce. Our set has not arrived as of yet, so you can only feast your eyes on the stock picture for now.

addition is very sweet, a big eyed deer with a nervous disposition. Willow is cute and dainty and enjoying putting her past behind her (pulling heavy Rox laden sledges was no fun at all!). You are lucky indeed if you manage to set your sights on this ultra rare character who has a penchant for snowflakes and figure skating.

The official launch date is the 14th of February
and I will have some surprise news then!

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