My pet hates

are lots of things I am not too fond of, most I can smooth over with copious
amounts of chocolate and on occasion wine!

I hate going for a walk and the place being covered in dog
mess! I wish people could pick up after
themselves and make the place that much more pleasant. The worst time was on a beach, digging in
the sand and uncovering a giant pile of it hidden (stealth dog poo is the
worst!). Since then sand castle
building has lost most of its shine… its scary just how dangerous dog poo is
too! I am all for the campaign by Keep
Britain Tidy to make the place much cleaner and safer for children to play.

I am not keen on my hubbie moaning at me to come off the
computer and give him some attention, when he has spent the entire evening
engrossed in a computer game or a series of CSI episodes wearing headphones
ignoring me completely!!! I think I
need to start a more attentive hubbie campaign!

I am out shopping I am unimpressed when I see people parking randomly around
the place. No one in bays, some just
parked as close as they can humanely get to the entrance. I always find it hard negotiating the car
park at the best of times with my two young boys pulling me in different
directions. I think some people seem
set for staying the long haul too, with no interest in leaving after the two
hour time frame to do your food shop (seriously I bring no list and go back and
fourth in the aisles looking lost and I only take one hour!). No one is keen on parking fines of course
but without parking solutions
I think most people would take advantage.

is a shame it takes a fine to change behaviour but if its means the pavements
are free of poop and the car park has space available for the disabled then I
think some tough love is in order!

One thought on “My pet hates

  1. I completely agree – I hate dog mess and if I see someone not cleaning up their dog's mess I go straight up to them and tell them! There is nothing worse than having it trailed through the house if the kids have stood in it. I clear up after my dog and others should do too! It is part of being a responsible dog owner!

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