My plans for 2014

I was reading the bucket list of the lovely lady over at Trials & Tribulations of a Brummie Mummy and I must admit I was encouraged to do the same! What a fabulous idea to lay some plans for the New Year, if I actually have a list to tick off I might achieve something off it.

1. Be more efficient, I am in a room in semi darkness because we haven’t changed the bulb when it run out… next year we WILL do those little jobs that keep getting left and left and left!

2. Enter competitions and stick at doing them even when I have LONG dry spells. The thought of a juicy ITV win is just too tempting to give up on my dream.

3. Try at least ONE new attraction we have yet to venture too (Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures or Harry Potter Studio Tour)

4. Try and have a holiday of some kind (despite moving house soon and hubbie steadfastly refusing us one this year!)

5. Learn to be a little more patient with my monkeys, I have two wild boys but they are my wild boys and I adore them

6. Keep growing the blog, bringing my followers lots of nice competitions and hopefully attending some more events and making new blogging friends!

7. Eat more healthily, have a body MOT to see if my Cholesterol is as high as I think it is! I swear I must have pure chocolate pumping through my veins… (I write this as I chain eat giant chocolate buttons!)

8. Make time for my friends, not be a bah bumbug wanting to stay indoors in my onesie and avoid a good knee’s up!

9. Be a nicer wife, I am a right grouch to hubbie at times! But I think we need to bring back the date night, otherwise we are both busy doing online work every evening and missing out on quality time together.

10. Try something NEW or do something INSPIRATIONAL! How brave can I be this year? Perhaps a hot air balloon flight or swimming with sharks?!?

What are your plans for the year?

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