Our 2014 getaway

to be honest I am planning a holiday hubbie is still not playing ball! But perhaps if I make enough fuss I will get
my own way, although if I find a reasonably priced holiday he may come round
quicker to my way of thinking (I can live in hope!).

do begrudgingly see why he is unenthusiastic to spend on holidays after all we
are buying a house, which is one big bill after another (yesterday we blew £600
on the survey cringe!).

I am going to tailor the next holiday around things he likes to try and sway
him. I know in the New Year he said he
wanted to get fitter. I also realise
that holidays with the boys are not always particularly relaxing as they are so
full of beans, mini Duracell bunnies with unlimited energy! So I can see why he is less inclined to head
to a theme park again where they will charge about from one ride to another,
chomping down on fizzy drinks and ice creams, whilst we try and keep up!

have an idea! I was thinking of having
a look at the cycling holidays
from Inntravel, they have a section on family cycling holidays that
looks quite interesting. I like the
thought of cycling from one hotel to the next. 
Imagine how tired out the boys will be, they will arrive at the next
hotel and want a jolly good rest. It
might be just the thing to tire them out!

Plus hubbie will be
as fit as a fiddle if he has to get on a bike and cycle to attractions and his
next overnight stop! If I pitch it
right I just might get my own way. 
Thankfully for us though the holiday is self-guided, I would not like to
think we had to keep pace with the biking pro’s, our family enjoys a decent
bike ride, but we tend to do it slowly, soaking up the atmosphere and coaxing
on our little legged cyclists to keep going! 
I remember one bike ride where poor hubbie
ended up carrying the boys bikes
but I am hoping we have progressed from
that point now they are a little older!

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