OXO Good Grips Review and Competition

was very pleased to be sent two rather fabulous items from the OXO Good Grips range to
review. I went for two very practical
items as I am not overly excited about being in the kitchen as a rule so I
wanted items that make my time in there easier and generally more appealing!

I can approach cheese grating with enthusiasm! 
I am even willing to give hubbie a helping hand as the OXO products are
designed to be comfortable to use with the non-slip grip handles making it all
less of a chore.

Box Grater is a very
useful purchase for £15.50 as the attachable container makes grating a
breeze. You can then store anything
left over (when it comes to cheese though I eat it ALL!) in the box where it
will be kept nice and fresh.

box conveniently has measurements on it so you know how much you are using for
any particular recipe (although for cheese there is no sensible guidelines the
MORE the merrier!) but this might be useful when adding vegetables or roots.

Apple Divider
(£7.00) was an instant hit here, my eldest bless him has no front teeth at the
moment and has been waiting a long time for the next set to appear. Until then eating a whole apple is quite
troublesome for him, with this handy gadget though making sure he still gets a
regular manageable apple fix has been much simpler.

It is surprisingly undemanding on the hands to use, as the
pressure is absorbed into the handles. 
Thankfully you do not have to be muscled up to use it, as I am more like
Olive Oyl than Popeye…

Fortunately both items are dishwasher safe which is another bonus! The clean up after food preparation is
quicker as you can just add them into the dishwasher.

have kindly been offered both of these items to giveaway to one lucky winner;
so if you fancy entering simply complete the rafflecopter below by the 10th
of February.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

190 thoughts on “OXO Good Grips Review and Competition

  1. i have a four year old who loves apples n good old mummy has to stand and peel and chop apples for little man or he wont eat them this would make it so much quicker to get them to him x

  2. Great Prize Package. As practical, safe and easy to use. These items seem appropriate for individuals with arthritis :- As Easy Grip. I have family and friends with arthritis, so I would love to win. As these would be very appropriate gifts.

  3. the grater box is definitely a bonus in the kitchen! I like the idea of the apple corer thats easy to use…I have arthritic hands so find most of them I can't use

  4. Oooh the apple slicer looks great – my daughter loves softened apple pieces and I'm not great at cutting nice uniform slices so this would lovely!

  5. they both look really amazing, i personally can't stand cutting and preparing food, so this looks like a nice way to make it easier. 🙂

  6. The grater with box would come in very handy. The apple slicer is great. We had one but hubby somehow (dont ask!) managed to break it! :/

  7. Morning, trawling the web, looking for comps with boats, will it ever stop raining, pouring in Essex, this a great prize, for any body who loves cooking, have a great week and thank you

  8. I love both of these…my current grater must be well over 30 years old and I spend so much time peeling and coring apples for my girls.

  9. Lovely picture, I loved an apple when I was a kid I feel sorry for him being without his front teeth glad he can get his apple fix

  10. I was looking at something similar to the box grater in the supermarket at the weekend. I didn't buy it because it was more like a mandolin. This is more like what I was looking for, a regular grater with a container attachment. By the time you've usually grated the cheese, put it in a bowl and transferred it to a tub, the dishwasher is full just for a bit of cheese.

  11. Great prizes! They would really come in useful for when I'm trying to get more fruit and vegetables into my children 🙂

  12. I bought an oxo potato peeler a year ago, and love it, so I'm sure these products are just as great, and would love to find out, especially as my current grater is missing a handle! The apple divider would be well used too.

  13. Oh, I'd love the apple divider! I have trouble with my joints, so one of these would be perfect! I'll have to track one down.

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