Putting a positive spin on it

I was talking to my mum and she said I was “brave” for
getting a bigger house, how come when she says that suddenly I don’t feel quite
so courageous. My mum said back in her
day people were more reserved, they do not like taking risks. So now I feel a little worried about getting
into more debt.

gone to university instead of straight into employment I had the burden of a
student loan hanging over me, but I slowly chipped away at it till it was all
paid up. Although it was well worth it for the fun night outs alone but getting a decent qualification was the icing on the cake of course!

Debt is one thing I had to get
used to living with from a young age but its how you manage it that is most
important. I mean its not like I am now buying an expensive wardrobe of clothes and spoiling myself to exotic holidays
abroad, I am putting it into bricks and mortar first and trying to make a better life
for the boys and me!

it might be a struggle initially, trying to meet mortgage repayments and
decorate but if you never take the leap how will you move forward. So am I brave? not really, I just want to
give the boys the best I can manage even if it means we eat beans on toast a
little more to begin with.

at the revealing debt map on
payplan (you can search on postcode) it looks like it’s an issue for lots of
people. If your getting into debt for a
university education to hopefully improve yourself or buying a house with
potential I think it might be worth braving the waters to get your dream. But if it’s for the running costs of your
house (or new shiny gadgets) it can be a slippery slope.

think that’s why I have started frantically entering competitions on loquax, if I manage to win some furniture
or vouchers to help with the house, it will start to be more manageable. Tiny steps in the right direction, although
I do need an element of luck seeing as 2014 has not yielded a win yet! I wonder how some manage to do so well…. I read one article on BBC news magazine and I could do with Martin Dove as a mascot to sit on my desk! He has won a yacht and a race horse and even writes books how to comp successfully!!!

One thought on “Putting a positive spin on it

  1. I have also taken a big step recently, I have changed jobs and whilst it is still quite well payed it does mean less money for the family, but allows lots more time with the family, so it's got a major plus side.
    I was still hesitant over taking the new role as I have debts outstanding, but got a great charity that helps deal with it all so in about 5 years should be relatively debt free. I tried entering loads of competitions last year, and whilst I did win bits there was nothing life changing, or even that big, it did prove quite fun though and helped me discover things like your blog so again there are positives.
    I think one of the things we can pass on to our children is a good idea of how to properly manage money, and the time we share with them. Many of the best things in life are free and putting your children first and spending time with them as they grow is great.
    Good luck with all your competitions.

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