Robotslayer Review and Competition for Signed Copies

I have been turning down book reviews we have so many I did not think the
library needed expanding, well until I had the tempting offer of a book I had a
hunch my boys would especially love!

I could hardly refuse a book with such creative vision,
beautifully drawn pictures and a plot just perfect for my two. The author Vince is a very talented chap and
has two boys himself of a similar age to mine so I had a feeling if his boys
enjoyed what he wrote then my boys certainly would too. Vince even built these full sized models himself to promote Robotslayer much to the delight of his children, so you can see I am not exaggerating his talent.

I was reading it to youngest whilst eldest was watching
something on the television but as I read he crept closer and closer to us to
see the pictures and listen to what was going on. Television was soon forgotten, as he was enraptured by the story. The city of Robotolis has enjoyed the help and companionship of robots for many years, everyone happily living alongside each other, until Grububble creates a virus in a jealous rage and changes the robots completely.

The book has wide appeal, my younger children enjoyed it
but I have a feeling older children would appreciated the comic book format and
the real sense of adventure. As a sideline my two liked hunting out the mice
on the pages and seeing what they were getting up to, marshmallow toasting
being a particular favourite!

The story is full of valuable life lessons, conquering
adversity, forgiveness (Opa gives Grububble a chance to redeem himself at the
end of the book) and the importance of family. 
It is quite endearing seeing the closeness between the grandfather Opa, Leo and Benny his robot “brother”.

have been offered three signed copies to giveaway so if you would like a chance
of reading this fabulous book with your children then kindly fill out the
rafflecopter below by the 3rd of February.

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91 thoughts on “Robotslayer Review and Competition for Signed Copies

  1. Sounds like the kind of book my 2 would like. My eldest has Dyslexia so a book that he likes and wants to read is a BIG help

  2. I like the idea of the book / story including life lessons. The fact the story is based on Robots seems likely to appeal to boys. Sometimes boys can need some encouragement to read. So I for one would love to try out this book with my family.

  3. My 10 year old has just started getting into manga comics so I think he could go for this. The artwork is pretty incredible from what I've seen too!

  4. This sounds a great book, and clever to make it comic book style which should encourage children with less interest in reading to give it a go

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