Spicers of Hythe Competition

getting ever closer to Valentines when everyone suddenly sees everything in
shades of pink and red, with lots of flowers and love hearts adorned
everywhere! But there are benefits to
all romantic slush, like the chance of getting a nice present!!!

Spicers of Hythe have lots of pretty hampers and many of them are quite affordable so
you can treat your loved one and still have money left over for a slap up meal
on the day itself.

am hoping hubbie and I actually remember valentines seeing as our seventh wedding
anniversary was completely overlooked! 
If it had not been for a reminder from a friend we would have not
realised at all (I blame it on buying a house and being very distracted at the
moment!). So possibly hubbie and I
should go to town on Valentines to prove love is most definitely still in the

prize on offer is very tempting as you can see from the picture (a Gift for Her Basket).

With wine, chocolate and biscuits all
encased in a charming pink woven gift basket you’re bound to impress someone
with it. You even get some tasty
looking jam to help with the breakfast in bed preparations. So all in all I think its great value at Β£28.21
delivered. You do not get a wine glass
but if you’re a fan of Cougar Town like me you will also be partial to drinking
straight from the bottle!

enter the draw please complete the rafflecopter below by the 6th of February. Only enter if you are over 18 because of the wine included in the prize.

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261 thoughts on “Spicers of Hythe Competition

  1. Would be great to give my girl. It's our first anniversary 2 days past Valentine so it's a bit much for my wallet to buy 2 gifts.

  2. Awesome blog. awesome prize. You are fantastic and so are Spicers of Hythe for making such awesome and tasty hampers.

  3. I would be so stoked if hubby were to give me this for valentines or my birthday. I'd probably also die of shock cos it so isnt his style of gift!!!

  4. I've just read your blog on missing sleep, as usual some interesting advice. Lovely prize here, biscuits sound scrummy!

  5. "You do not get a wine glass but if you’re a fan of Cougar Town like me you will also be partial to drinking straight from the bottle! …Lollll πŸ™‚

  6. This hamper looks amazing! Thank you for hosting another lovely giveaway. I hope you do remember Valentines πŸ™‚ x

  7. lovely blog hope it inspires me to blog as i have always wanted to blog lovely prize to will be following your blog thanks

  8. I do agree it's a beautiful prize and if I win I will leave it as a present in a place my husband is sure to look. It would be a complete surprise for him as I'm betting he'll not remember St. Valentines Day if I don't remind him. Hwyl fawr!

  9. I had never heard of Spicers of Hythe before but just looked on their site and ordered a hamper for my FIL's birthday. I love your blog, keep up the good work!

  10. It's the first time I've come across your blog tbh (there are so many!) but it was nice to see that it's written by & about someone from my country, Wales. What I've read so far is great – and a nice variety on here!

  11. Really have enjoyed ready your blog, really interesting and wriitten so well making it interesting to read, and me too who needs a glass

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