Squeezing in a bike ride

I think my blog has gone a little biking mad. I have been thinking about a cycling
and I have been encouraging hubbie to think about the government cycle
to work scheme
(if you saw the state of his bike you would understand
why!). So I better face facts I must
have an inner biking enthusiast waiting to get out!!!

would love to have an outdoor activity to do for myself; with the boys at
school I am spending far too much time on my laptop. If I had a bike maybe I would have an excuse to get outside and
have more regular fresh air! Instead of
feeling my legs cramping up from sitting too long in one position, if I carry
on I will be a definite candidate for carpal tunnel syndrome anyway…

time goes in a whirl with chores (I do a token bit of cleaning to stop hubbie
despairing completely when he comes home from a long day at work), typing and
responding to emails, before long its 3pm and I am back at the school
gate. So whatever bike ride I manage to
squeeze into my schedule it would have to be a fast one, I would probably need
one of the racing road bikes
so I could move quickly! Burn off some
calories; enjoy the wind blowing on my face then head home for a quick refresh
of my inbox and a hot cuppa! Trying my best to make it feel like an adventure the whole time…

if I did that I might start to feel healthier. 
I might feel happier too, as too much screen time is probably no good
for me. I need to get active, to do
something to improve my overall level of fitness. My keep fit sessions were very short lived, but I could never get
the hang of the different moves, whereas I know my way round a bike (just do
not let me go down steep hills, when I was a child I braked on a hill and went
over the handlebars!). I need to embrace it this time round, with a positive attitude.

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