The Great Christmas Clean Up!

dinner and all the trimmings is a sight to behold! All set out with reindeer napkins and pretty crackers you settle
down to eat your fill. But when you
finish you look at the chaos around you and think eeek where do you even start
to wrestle the kitchen back into some kind of order!

we were sent two products to give us an upper hand with the Christmas dishes
and mess. We had the Persil Warm
washing liquid to tackle the mountain of dirty dishes. My dad is on a water meter so is very frugal
with the water so it was easier doing the dishes with this product! It had a lovely fragrance which always make
the dirty jobs that much more pleasant. 
I would never say I will enjoy cleaning but items like this do make it
much more bearable…

The festive burst made our chores that bit more cheerful! 
My mum bless her had the mammoth job of cooking the dinner so its only
fair for my dad, myself and hubbie to be part of the cleanup crew! I do like my washing liquid to be scented,
but not too overpowering or fake smelling. 
Persil seemed to get the combination just right with this latest offering, the warm cinnamon and cloves a real treat.

Persil Warm Spice (RRP £1.00) is
available to buy from most large supermarkets.

We were also sent Oven Pride
Complete Oven Cleaner
to get the oven looking presentable after it had cooked my
mum’s epic turkey! It was a simple
product to use with clear instructions. 
My mum’s oven has never looked so good! 
I think she was impressed this year her clean up crew seemed more
motivated than normal, thank heavens for this opportunity to review cleaning products.

You can see a list of
stockists here, so there is
no excuse to leave your oven looking distressed!

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