The New Years Resolution Checkpoint

It’s make or break point in everyone’s new years resolutions now, January is ticking over, so you have either stuck firm and hung in there or you gave up at the first obstacle and think its best to just start a fresh in January 2014!

I have given up drink so far this year; it was not a conscious resolution as such. It is probably more to do with my lack of a social life, ha! But I can feel virtuous until a night out is arranged anyway!

I know some of my friends have given up smoking and having a tough time of it. I remember too clearly the grumpy month I endured with my now hubbie when he cut cigarettes out of his life. He went completely cold turkey and I am not sure if I recommend it as a method or not. I know I was quite glad we lived a good 5 hours away (by train) from each other and only saw each other at weekends – whist he suffered the extreme mood swings as his body learnt to cope without nicotine!

A gradual reduction in the level of nicotine might be less traumatic for your body. Although I thankfully have never smoked (well there was one time I was offered a puff of a friend’s in a toilet as a teen but I thought it was yack so never bothered again!) so I cannot begin to realise how hard it must be to give up! When my aunty gave up smoking she did not know what to do with her hands and said she ate more. It’s a big thing giving up smoking and from the sounds of it very tricky!

There are supposedly lots of things you can try to help. I know some people use to order electronic cigarettes, so they are still having the sensation of smoking without all the nasty toxins. I just read somewhere cranberry juice is good to help accelerate your body clearing the nicotine out of your system! So a nice healthy fruit juice in one hand and possibly an electronic cigarette in the other! Good luck giving up, I am quite glad my vices are mainly chocolate coated!

4 thoughts on “The New Years Resolution Checkpoint

  1. My vices are also chocolate ones! I dont smoke, rarely drink so my resolutions were more healthy eating and exercise based! Not doing too badly but I certainly am no angel! Carry on the good work with the alcohol-free-ness! x

  2. I am puffing on an e-cig as I type. The nicotine addiction is easier to get over than the habit itself! How I miss the action of lighting a cigarette! Oh well, health comes first and my e-cig is not so bad xx Good luck with your resolutions

  3. People forget that you don't need a New Year to make resolutions. I gave up drinking just at random a couple of decades ago, not sure why but I just don't drink alcohol at all now, I'm sure my liver is very grateful. I still smoke like a trooper, but I'm happy 🙂

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