The plans continue

our current house we had Hillary’s come out and measure and fit lovely wooden
blinds everywhere, but we will be on an extremely tight budget in our new house
and cannot afford the luxury of having someone else fit our blinds.

think in the next house we will be having curtains as we can shop around for
them and put them up ourselves fairly easily. 
We are pretty hopeless at home decoration and renovation but for a quick DIY makeover, ready made curtains are
ideal and not too costly (or tiresome to hang!).

I do not regret splashing out but I
will be sad to leave the fancy blinds behind for the new owners of our
house! But they have been fitted for that sized windows so it would be pointless taking them even as gorgeous as they

The boys are a little reserved about
our moving plans. So making them as
comfortable as possible as soon as they arrive will help them adjust. I want to make sure the house looks as nice
as the one we have so the boys settle in quickly. They are panicking about their beloved toys being left behind and
even asked will we be taking our floor, walls and blinds with us! I had to gently explain we would not be, but
perhaps I can get them involved in picking out the curtains for their room so
they feel they have contributed in part to the process!

I especially like the stylish, eyelet
curtains from TJ Hughes and I think
they will compliment the décor in the new living room (there is a red bricked

I will have to make
sure the ones the boys pick for their bedrooms have decent lining though,
otherwise they will be up at the crack of dawn when they see the sun! Not so bad in winter but come the summer we
will regret not getting extra thick curtains ordered!!!

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