You win some, you lose some

Unfortunately it was not to be, I
never got selected as one of the Mark
Warner Ambassadors
so to hit the slopes I have to save up and book my own
holiday! I am still tempted as are the
boys after practising their skiing moves. 
I have no hard feelings the selected winners were very well

But I do not want my research picking
out ski gear to go to waste. Craigdon Mountain Sports had
a wide selection so at least I know where to head to when we finally make it to
the ski slopes. I certainly need the
practise anyway!!! But going a little
later on or in a couple of years would probably be better so we can be fully

Insulated jackets and thermal
undergarments would have been a must; I am not a huge fan of feeling cold! So unless I was ready for whatever the
weather threw at me, I do not think I would have suited a skiing holiday. The boys would have rained snowballs on me,
we would have been out for hours building elaborate snowmen and of course skiing
mainly on your bottom does little to warm you!

For the boys there are just so many
cute things I would just have to add to our luggage! Like this Ladybug helmet cover (or I love the little bat one
too!), if your going to go on your first ski trip of your life you want to do
it in style! Plus it would get my
reluctant boys to actually wear the helmet!!! I might have to get some just for
them to go out biking and scooting as they do make a fuss about me enforcing
the helmet rule.

Well I mainly want to
do skiing in comfort, seeing as I wore thermal leggings yesterday here (without
any sign of snow and it was not particularly chilly according to hubbie!). I do tend to go a little overboard with

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