Moshi Monsters Series 9 launch

My final unveiling today and this one is extra special! It is so rare us bloggers did not even receive one in our bundle of series 9 figures so if you get to set your eyes on one of these you are in for a real treat indeed!

Furnando is ULTRA rare and with good reason too. There are exciting times ahead for true Moshi Monsters fans.

Furnando is a magical sorcerer with some interesting powers like the ability to cough up magic furballs or vanquish fish (under his hat but with remarkable speed!). One meow and Furnando see’s himself levitating. Yes this is no ordinary moggy as you will soon find out if you manage to track one down!

There are only 1,000 Furnando’s out there and if you see him you can enter a super competition with the code to win the best prize ever, to turn yourself into a Moshling figure no less!

So head to the shops now and start stocking up on Series 9 Moshlings. Good luck finding Furnando! It will be a lot like the golden ticket for the chocolate factory… eldest is already demanding I bulk buy Series 9 figures, even though we have all of them accept for Furnando!

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