10 days left till the Moshi Monsters Series 9 launch

Today we have one cool looking Moshi, but the sunglasses are actually glasses for sight as this Moshi has terrible eyesight! So let me introduce you to Swizzle the Swaggering Swine.

The poor sight might be one reason they are always swaggering around or it could be the fact they are up to mischief tagging walls with graffiti from their snout prints! My youngest wanted to get his sunglasses out anyway to be like his new friend, as long as he doesn’t get any ideas to hit his pens and pencil stash and go re-decorating himself then I don’t mind!

Swizzle likes loud snorting, youngest is very loud, maybe we have two new kindred spirits here!

Tomorrow find out which of the new Moshi’s is exercise mad!!! I get tired just looking at her…

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