Baylis & Harding Review

I was very pleased to be sent two items from the Baylis
& Harding limited edition Strawberries and Cream collection. These are ideal for Valentines, as they look
very attractive in their presentation boxes and smell gorgeous. My youngest keeps asking if he can pinch
some hand cream, as he adores the fragrance! 
I just have to monitor how much he uses as he goes in a little
heavy-handed bless him.

have always admired the Baylis & Harding products I saw stocked in a
friend’s bathroom. But I was under the
impression they were a luxury exclusive brand, as they look so expensive. Having researched a little more for this
review I now know I was completely wrong, the products are actually very fairly
priced given how well presented they are. 
I love the addition of ribbons and little hearts everywhere.

& Cream Benefit Set has an RRP of £15.00 and the box is quite sizeable
comprising shower crème, body lotion, bath crystals and an EVA body
polisher. The only thing I feel a
little bit sad about is that I had not started adding Baylis & Harding to
my bathroom earlier! I could have
enjoyed the same admiring glances over my fancy looking bath products.

The shower crème was lovely, very
indulgent; I enjoyed smelling a little bit like the inside of a Strawberry
Cream Quality Street! It does help remind me of summer too though and with the flooding and gale force winds that’s something I need right now.

Again the boys
are helping themselves come bath or shower time. I have a feeling my gorgeous products will be used up far too
quickly! But thankfully at those prices
I can restock affordably. My boys love
the strawberry scent but if your grown up man would prefer something else for
Valentines the Citrus Lime & Mint set sounds perfect.

You can find out more about
Baylis & Harding on their website
or head into your local Tesco’s to stock up.

One thought on “Baylis & Harding Review

  1. Thanks for your great review regarding these products, I have sat on the fence about this brand thinking it looks luxurious but always wondered whether the texture is actually all that good and thought about giving these away as gifts since they look well presented. Just didn't want nice packaging but a cheap product, i think though for a hand cream & hand wash as a set you can't go wrong!
    Many thanks……… Hope you have a lovely summer!

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