Canvas Design Mystery Review and Competition

can never get bored of a decent canvas and was as excited as always to have
another to review. The only problem I
now have is finding sufficient wall space to display them all. So the latest addition to my canvas family
is intended as a gift! So for this
reason I have only shown a picture of the back of it here with my youngest
assistant helping me.

what I can tell you is I am pleased with the canvas. The picture quality is very good and it will
make a thoughtful gift. In some
respects I will be a little sad to see it go.

Canvas Design website is easy to
manoeuvre and place an order. Shipping
is free and surprisingly fast, which is ideal if your looking for a last minute
gift and need it to arrive in a hurry. 
The canvas arrived well wrapped and in excellent condition. Another highlight is getting a free hanging
kit with your order; it certainly saves hunting around for a rogue nail or
something else to stick it to the wall.

you use the code BLOG15 you can get 15% off your order, but even without a code the site is very
affordable. Having a canvas does not
need to be restricted to the affluent amongst the population anymore, we can
all start to enjoy beautiful wall decorations thankfully with the competitive
prices at Canvas Design.

this is your first experience ordering a canvas it does not need be daunting,
Canvas Design have lots of useful advice and guidance to make sure it all goes
to plan. That advice on images can make
sure you do not order a canvas with completely the wrong dimensions or use a
photograph that is not suitable to be enlarged.

have kindly been offered another canvas to giveaway so if you would like to
enter please fill out the rafflecopter below by the 5th of March.

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159 thoughts on “Canvas Design Mystery Review and Competition

  1. I have got a lovely photo of the children playing in a paddling pool in the garden and the dog just waiting to jump in and join them.

  2. a lovely picture of my 2 darling children…. it doesnt matter which one because as long as their both in it it will be gorgeous

  3. I have a picture of myself, my son and my Other half all smiling and looking the same way which is a miracle so would love to have it on my wall

  4. Ive got a photo of my son holding my daughter when she was first born, I think id like that one 🙂

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