Cupets Review

have seen the adverts and some of the hype so the boys were pleased when one of
these arrived to review in the post. 
The little critter certainly looks cute and friendly enough, hubbie had
some initial teething problems putting the app on his phone but eventually got
it all sorted (this might be down to the fact he has an old phone which is
rather short of memory!).

are 12 cubed pets available from Flair and each has its own
individual personality, so it is well worth collecting more of them. As figures they look quite sweet and my boys
seemed to enjoy playing the app, looking after their pet and playing the mini
games. We were sent the bat Radar, but there
is a good selection of different animals, depending what one your child likes

You can fuss your pet and see little love hearts leaving him so you know he’s happy and content or even tickle him with a feather. You have little bars showing you what your pet needs. If your child is badgering you for a pet then you can compromise and offer them a Cupet to begin with, see how they get on feeding and looking after it, before committing to a real pet.

The Cupet has a battery bar and he gets tired if it goes down from being active training or bouncing balls. It is good in a way because it encourages your child to have a break from the screen whilst your Cupet recharges their energy levels again sleeping.

only thing I was a little concerned about was how much youngest was enjoying
the shop and customising his pet! I
think when he runs out of virtual coins he will want the bank of mummy to pay
out real ones so he can have more accessories… that I am not so keen on. Although you can get 1000 free coins liking the Cupets facebook page so it might be worth doing that. But for £6.99 if you can stop them pestering you for more coins Cupets are good value. I know for a fact the boys will want to try out all the characters at some point and see each of their unique abilities.

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