Day 5 of the Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown

I would be batty not to want to introduce the
next Moshi… especially given that it looks like one!

But Twaddle the ultra rare Moshi is actually a Waddling
Floffle (easy mistake to make!).

He has big eyes a wide smile and cute little wings, a huge fan of slurping down enchanted sap with a side order of barbecued ladybird wings (I think I will avoid coming to dinner with this Moshi). The thirst for sap consumes these fella’s, without it they cannot fly and those tiny wings are just for pretty decoration. Although they need regular top-ups sap only fuels very short flights.

Often found falling from the sky, probably due to running low on sap! I can completely relate to this character though because of one main thing (no not his peculiar diet!) but his dislike with the raising cost of biscuits… (it pains me too!).

Tomorrow you can here all about the stretchiest
Moshlings ever.

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