Family days out at the races

Well, we’re through the worst of the winter now and there’s the merest hint of spring in the air. Pretty soon, we’ll be seeing daffodils, as well as a couple of my favourite sporting events – the Cheltenham Festival followed a few weeks later by the greatest race of them all – the Grand National (to be held this year on Saturday April 5th by the way).

I love both these National events, but I have to say I prefer to watch from the comfort of my own living room on the goggle box in the corner.

But that isn’t the case once we get to late April and onwards – firmly into flat racing territory – when I love to go to the races with a picnic and the whole family.

Now different racecourses differ wildly in this regard so – depending on where you live exactly – make sure you do your own research thoroughly before you depart.

In short, some racecourses are great for picnicking and there are nice grass verges to sit on as you watch the horses thunder by every half an hour (which the kids love of course) with grassed areas for children to play. Others, however, don’t have such nice alfresco sitting areas or, worse, deny us access to them. So check it out before you go.

Inevitably, the children want to know which horse to shout for, so having a small gamble on each race before you go and noting the jockey’s colours adds to the fun. With Betfair, you can place all your small wagers before you leave – at the best possible prices. You can even request a price you’re hoping for with Betfair – then see if it gets taken or not.

Of course, the children don’t care anyway – they just love being outdoors and playing – but watching the racing is a day out with a difference and most children love watching the horses. Mine are mad about horses!

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