Finding New Attractions

of my favourite things is finding new attractions to take the boys. I want to enrich their childhood with a
variety of places to see, things to do and unique experiences they will
treasure forever. Our Family
Fun attractions and shows section
is progressively getting bigger as you
can see and we have so many highlights already, like llama trekking, days out
at Greenwood Forest Park and visiting Warwick Castle. But obviously there are so many other decent days out that I have
no idea about yet, especially if I am not familiar with a certain locality.

I have found a hidden gems map
from Look Insurance that details some more. 
I have even added a new gem too as I thought Wales looked a little short
on attractions, so the addition of Greenwood Forest Park will hopefully help
address that balance. But there is
plenty more to do in Wales honestly so I would love it if any of my readers
could add any new attractions they can think of too!

why did I want to add Greenwood
Forest Park
? Well in all the times we have been there the boys always find
something that sparks their interest, the live shows they put on always grab
their attention, hubbie and the boys have even all been roped into helping in a
magic show before now!

The barefoot
trial is quite a novelty, the boys think its hilarious getting to take off
their shoes and socks and feel the different textures and sensations of walking
over rough and smooth surfaces and through water!

the welsh weather is unreliable (which nine times out of ten it can be!) you
can always hide out in the café and enjoy a sneaky tea and cake session whilst
the children are happily occupied playing in the big Enchanted Wood Barn. In the better parts of the day you can then make
the most of the predominately outside attractions.

love that after a day of heaps of fresh air and activity at Greenwood Forest
Park the boys always sleep extremely well!

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