Flair Teenage Mutant Turtle Review

We were sent two fabulous items from the range. My boys are big Teenage Mutant Turtle fans
(they even have the slippers!) so adding a few more toys to their growing
collection was quite a treat.

We had the Leonardo Ninja Combat Gear (RRP 14.99), which was particularly well received, as
boys love turning themselves into their favourite action figures. It was a good work out with all the sword
swishing and the throwing of stars! The
bandana really helped complete the look and was handy for imaginative
play. Although watch out sometimes my
little ninja’s can get so into the role play you end up on the receiving end of
a throwing star!

We were also sent the Leonardo Turtles PowerSound FX figure (RRP £14.99). 
This is a useful accompaniment as you can then learn lots of turtle
phrases to get into the adventure when you are wearing the combat gear. You just pull on the limbs to hear some
exciting action sounds setting the scene for a big battle. If your going for a kick move you can hear
something like “were ninja’s!” or “is that all you’ve got!” and some extra dramatic sounds too!

Our boys went into battle, one using the combat gear the
other using the figure and his little swords. 
They had lots of fun and it certainly helped burn off some energy and
give them a welcome break from screen time.

It is great that you can buy different combat sets depending
on who your favourite turtle is, but it might be worth buying all the sets so
you can experiment with signature weapons for each character. At £14.99 it’s not that expensive to buy a
couple anyway.

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