Honestech’s Stopmotion Studio Competition

I knew I just had to host this competition as it sounded
like great entertainment for children of all ages.

On rainy days children will badger for screen time but you
can focus their energies onto a more productive project and unleash their
creative side in the process. The
stop-motion animation enables your child (or a class at school) to come up with
their very own movie and even better they can bring whatever figures they want
to life. If they have created something
out of modelling clay or any other art material they can then see that used as
a character in their film, there is so much potential and its great for young
imaginations and developing minds.

I particularly like that the program does encourage them
to be creative off screen before coming up with the motion, the sound effects
and voices at the computer. The
educational applications of this program are vast. It is beneficial learning all the stages involved in making a
movie, they can work on the story board, change backgrounds, use their own
images from video or camera and incorporate them into the film. It sounds very user friendly, so children
will not be put off thinking it’s over complicated. They will enjoy seeing their ideas and vision come to life and
feel very proud of the end result.

Priced at £59.99 you could really inspire a future career
for your children in film, one day they might be editing or even directing the
next big blockbuster! At the very least
it would help improve their confidence using a PC and their awareness of movie
production. They can then share what they have made on Youtube or facebook to showcase their good work!

If you would like to win your own copy please complete
the rafflecopter below by the 10th of March.
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114 thoughts on “Honestech’s Stopmotion Studio Competition

  1. My daughter tried stop motion animation at an art fun day aged 3 and I've wanted to get into it as a family ever since

  2. What an amazing prize! If I could encourage one of the girls to become the next Nic Park I might be able to retire when they win their first animation oscar 😉

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