Jelly Jamm Review and Competition

My boys reviewed this show
awhile back and quite enjoyed it so were very pleased to be sent some plush
toys to add to the mammoth mountain of soft toys currently residing in our
house! I think we need a bigger house
just to accommodate them all.

But I
could not refuse the new additions, they are cute and colourful and quite
sweet. Although the boys wanted the
little pink one (Rita) to go to a girlfriend! However the vivid pink one (Goomo) was accepted into the fold
gladly, I think it’s his cool sandals that swung it!

mini plushes cost £7.99, the larger soft toys like Goomo cost £12.99 and the
musical Bello was £15.99. Musical Bello
was the obvious highlight for my youngest; he thought he was cool with a guitar
and accompanying sound effects! He
wanted to get his inflatable guitar and rock out with him. He has been carrying Bello around with him a
lot, even putting aside his beloved pride of soft toy lions to keep Bello close
to hand.

characters from the show are a little nutty and out there, which my two like,
so the range of soft toys suits them quite well!

can find out more about this group of firm friends on the Jelly Jamm website. But in the meantime you can enter my competition to win a lovely bundle of prizes (Bello plush (23cm), Mina plush (24cm), Radio Goomo DVD and a Jelly Jamm drawstring bag) by completing the rafflecopter below by the 26th of February.

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133 thoughts on “Jelly Jamm Review and Competition

  1. my boys love Jelly Jams, and although i think the characters can be a little hyperactive they are fun to watch! 🙂

  2. This would make a very welcome replacement for a very grubby mr tumbles that my 2 year old grandson wont put down!

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