Know all your options when you’re thinking of moving

a sad fact of life that finding a new home in the present day can be fraught
with complications. (I am living proof of that at the moment!!!)

when you’re willing to compromise, to be realistic or willing to take on
something that has potential but needs work, all too often you can be left with
nothing to show for your efforts.

know that they have the power and aren’t shy about exploiting that fact when it
comes to prices.

sounds like a good idea but realistically estate agents know that even if
significant work needs to be done the house, there is always likely to be
someone willing to pay and take on the burden. The housing market is so
squeezed that there is little choice left to buyers.

is, having said all that, an alternative to trying your luck on the pre-owned
market. While it may not be everyone’s first thought, looking at new builds can
offer a way out of the uncertainty.

starters, it tends to remove a lot of the hassle about extra costs once you’ve
moved in. Builder’s estimates are likely to be a thing of nightmares past as
there should be no need for any serious work to be done to the house.

the energy ratings on in-built appliances and insulation options should be a
lot better than might be the case in pre-owned housing. New builds have to
conform to industry standards and these are high quality.

a final practical point, if money is still a short-term issue then a lot of
new-build companies have signed up to the Help to Buy scheme. However, while a
mortgage with a smaller deposit might seem like a good idea now, it’s worth
investigating carefully to decide whether or not this is definitely the right
deal for you.

Cala Homes new homes for sale are among the new build properties on offer, with new build
developers often offering professional
advice to help guide you through the process of buying
your new home.

buying a house does mean compromise and new-build houses are no exception so
it’s important to really dig around to find out everything you can.

is no guarantee that there will be new homes in the exact area you want and you
shouldn’t be surprised if a location, and everything you liked about it, is the
main compromise you make to finding somewhere new to live.

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