LOGO Billionaire Review and Competition

was keen to play this game, but as he is 6 and youngest is 4 and its pitched
for children 8+ I did worry they would not quite manage it. But after much insistence I thought there
was no harm trying anyway. We played
the apprentice version of the game, which is easiest way to play LOGO
Billionaire, so better suited to the age of my children.

They made excellent apprentices as they got the hang of
the game very quickly. Youngest was thrilled there was a lion industries playing piece and even a lion bar brand card! He is completely hooked on lions.

I was surprised
how risk adverse my youngest was, given he is so wild and boisterous in every
other aspect of his life I was not expecting that at all. But when it came to finding the value of his
company, he was a very serious young man. 
He would literally let one card be turned from the risky business deck
and stick with that. He really did not
want to end up with the BUST card so his companies were quite low valued but
safe in that at least they were valued something!

Pleased with his stash of LOGO cash!

thought the addition of the risky cards was quite an exciting element of the
game. You could feel your pulse racing
hoping you did not reveal the bust card next. 
In a way you want to keep going to maximise the value of your company
and become a LOGO billionaire first.

boys liked the brand cards for the game, it was a novelty seeing ones they are
so familiar with like mini milks, fruit shoots and Tango. It is a good game to introduce some business
terms to children. As they get a bit
older I will certainly give the executive side of the game a try with them, but
for now I think we will develop as apprentices and not stretch too far just yet!

Visit the website for
more information but before you dash off I have one copy of
LOGO Billionaire (RRP £24.99) to giveaway to enter please complete the
rafflecopter below by the 7th of March.

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156 thoughts on “LOGO Billionaire Review and Competition

  1. Another game for my husband to get very competitive about, I do wonder what will happen when the kids are older will he let them win, lol!

  2. Once again what a lovely giveaway! We have the original logo game which my husband, children and I enjoy very much indeed, so this would be great to win for them! 🙂

  3. Another great comp I really enjoy your blog and love the way you demostrate comps etc by actuallt usung the product with your family, It makes me more likey to buy or use things knowing you have actually tested and tried things so thank you and keep up the good work xx

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