Missing Home Comforts

the house is still going ahead, negotiations were not wholly satisfactory so
any plans to do up the inside of the house will be on hold for a very long
time. What little money we have will be
needed so we can undertake the external work instead. I am looking at any way to save money for the renovations and thankfully there are plenty of helpful articles online. But on the whole we are still pleased, it means we finally get
off road parking!

I am a little worried about how comfortable we will be
with so little work being done inside. 
Hubbie is all for ripping out the old worn carpets and us just making do
with bare floorboards for a while. I am
not so keen on this idea, I panic the boys will get sore feet if the flooring
is uneven or there is a rogue nail!

I want to work on hubbie to add some rugs down at the very
least. I am getting older I cannot give
up on all my home comforts. He lured me
into the idea of a big house with the idea of open fires, big rooms and
en-suite bathrooms, but the reality might end up being a bit different whilst
we scrimp and save to pay the mortgage.

had a look on Inhouse
Rugs hopeful of a sale or a decent bargain at the very least. Thankfully there are lots of price
reductions on there, I need something cheerful to jazz up the expanse of bare
floors, bringing a little colour and warmth to the rooms.

do like the wool
rugs as I grew up in a house filled with these fluffy white things, so they
remind me of my childhood but I do not think I would buy them I am just feeling slightly nostalgic. For
furnishing my own home I would go for something more contemporary like the
London Rug. Thankfully
there is so much more choice these days, so not every house is filled with the
same white fluffy rug anymore!

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