My Bargain Find of the Week

all our spare money being ploughed into “the house” I worry the boys do not get
as much anymore, to be honest a little less would not do them any harm
really! But I still want to make sure
we have enough learning supplies in the house including an ample supply of
books. If you opened hubbie’s wallet
right now you find dust and spider webs, he has me on a complete spending veto
but I found such a bargain at The Works
that I might just have to insist and stomp my feet a bit to get my own way!

love encouraging an appreciation of books for my boys; after all I grew up with
my nose in one for most of my childhood! 
I have fond memories of reading about the adventures of the Famous Five
and The Secret Seven. But buying books
can be expensive so that is why hubbie is eyeing me suspiciously when I declare
rather loudly for him to crack out his debit card I need to place a BIG order…

The Works have an excellent deal on at the moment, 10 books for £10! For those prices you would never expect to
see such a fine line-up of books, however The Works have been extremely
generous and there are some excellent offerings in the deal.

I think even hubbie cannot refuse bolstering our book collection at pocket money prices. It is tempting to stock up and then bring out a book as a reward for good behaviour or as inexpensive presents. Most of the books have an RRP of between £3.99 and £9.99 so no one would ever know you only spent £1 a book with this charitable multi-buy!

is a selection of books in the offer that have caught my eye for looking
colourful, interesting or humorous for my two. Anything about bottoms my boys giggle hysterically, so the robot with no bottom would obviously go down well!

Eldest can never have enough books about dinosaurs and this one looks a funny addition to his collection.

Then this book is a must as it comes with a t-rex crayon and still only a £1 with the deal!

Whoop I feel a book buying extravaganza coming on!!!

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