SPONGE A Personalised Card Review

think this is a great idea, although for me getting a slice of cake is never
enough! It has however given me a taste
for what SPONGE can do and I definitely
will be working on hubbie getting me a whole cake when it’s my birthday! Actually perhaps for every birthday from now
on so I can start working my way through the different appetising flavours.

personalised card with a slice of cake (or two) costs £7.50 or £10.00 depending
on the number of slices. I did like the
idea but with two boys wanting to help with the testing, the mouthful left for
me went far too quickly! From my small
tasting, I can confirm the sponge was moist and exceptionally tasty. We had a slice of red velvet, but you can
pick from a total of six different mouth-watering flavours.

card from SPONGE would certainly get more interest than your standard card in
the post. Thankfully the slice was
delivered intact and conveniently fitted through the letterbox so can be a
lovely welcome treat for anyone when you return home from a hectic day at
work. I mean who expects to open a card
and find some yummy cake nestled inside!

it was not for the fact I have a new house to save up for I think I would place
an order right now. My wish list for
whole sponges would be massive, sticky toffee pudding, chocolate & orange
and rocky road all sound divine but then the more traditional flavours are
calling to me too… I wonder if the boys would like them for their birthdays! Actually everyone I know should start
celebrating with SPONGE!

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