Tartan Rug Review

We were sent this lovely blanket and it came in perfect
timing with the cold weather. There is nothing better than wrapping yourself up
warm in a blanket, it seems more soothing somehow, like remembering what your
own parents did to comfort you when you were little. Also you’re less likely to hike up the heating in your house when
you have an inviting wool blanket to nestle into.

two love being cosy on the sofa, snug as bugs in blankets with they’re Ninja
Turtles slippers hanging out.

they settle down to watch a film they need a blanket or two to feel truly
settled in. They hunt out the blanket
before even considering their movie snacks.

had the Ramsay
Blue Tartan Blanket but there are other colours to pick from if you
prefer. I love the tartan design, very
traditional. It brings a homely feel to
the house or can be used in the car to keep passengers comfortable on those
long tiresome journeys. I am hoping it
might placate my two who are always squabbling in the back of the car about one
thing or another, hopefully with a decent sized blanket they might nod off and
forget to battle on for awhile.

think these are lovely for £25.20 and would make a considerate gift for anyone
this winter. They are really long, so
you feel your getting a good-sized blanket for your money. It is dry clean only but given its made from
pure wool I can imagine that would be the case for all blankets like this. I certainly will not be chancing it in the
washing machine, as I want to keep it look fabulous!

your enjoying the tartan theme you can even buy a kilt, although in this gusty
weather I would recommend my hubbie wears his underpants!

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