Thank heavens for sales

Feeling a little down about the house we had hoped to buy,
the home surveyor report came back and it’s riddled with problems! So we have entered negotiations and will
have to see how that pans out. On the
plus side I am making sure I am keeping an eye out for any sales for kitchens,
bathrooms, flooring, basically anything that will save some money when it comes
to dragging the inside of the house into the right century!

We want to move the walls in the kitchen to make it one
very generous sized room, so a new kitchen is definitely on the cards at some
point as the original one will be lost in the new room proportions. Now is the time to buy with exclusive
promotions available.

Magnet has a special
discount voucher you can download to bring into their store for a saving on
a new kitchen. The code will not be
around forever so you do need to move quickly! 
I might miss out this time sadly (buying a house takes FOREVER!) but I
know it will be handy for lots of my followers.

is well worth a visit to Magnet anyway just to have a good look at all the
attractive options available and brainstorm your dream kitchen. But even more so now, a quote might leave
you pleasantly surprised with the discount voucher certainly making it more
affordable. With the money you have
saved you could fill the cupboards with nice food when everything has been

extra 20% is a big lure and the kitchens in the deal seem better priced than
when we had a quote done locally. I
quite like the Geneva myself, but the Strata Gloss Cream looks tempting too. The kitchen we have now is over 30 years
old, so you can see why I am keen to move! 
The offer ends the 1st of March, so I will be pushing this
house sale through as fast as I can…

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