The Scented Candle Shop Review

was an indulgent treat being sent candles to review. I love watching the flickering light as they burn and the
pleasant fragrance they bring to a room. 
They make our home more inviting, masking the smell of boys and their
sweaty socks!

The scented candle shop had such a
selection, the hardest part was picking our which ones to try. In the end I mainly settled on the Yankee
Candle range as they have a superior burn time, these candles go on and on and
on, so prove to be excellent value really! 
I picked the black cherry as youngest loves cherries I thought if he had
a candle scent he liked he might stop his usual trick of trying to burn toys on
the wick! It seemed to work as he
enjoyed the aroma and left the candle in peace for a change…

am hoping this is a good sign and I can have candles burning more
regularly. I went to a friend’s house
and it smelt divine from all the scented candles and wax burners. I would love that same welcome when you step
inside our house.

Yankee Candle Jars look attractive, so even when your not burning the candle
they look appealing on the mantelpiece. 
They varied in price depending on the scent and the special offers, so I
will be back to keep adding to our collection especially to browse the sale
section and see what bargains I can snap up! 
The Fluffy Towel scent is very fresh and clean, like strong soap, but I
like it as I can give people the impression I do lots of laundry if I burn this
candle, they might not notice my overflowing washing basket!

also picked out a few of the votive samplers (Mandarin Peach, Country Bicycle
Ride and Warm Embrace), as they are a good way to experiment with lots of
different scents at a very reasonable price (£1.79). Then you can find out your favourite scents without splashing out
too much. Although I have a heavy cold
today so cannot smell them as well unfortunately, but I promise you when they
first arrived they all smelt heavenly!

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