Tidy Books Bunk Bed Buddy Storage Review and Competition

eldest was delighted with our next review item arrived as it was intended for
him. His little brother still adores
his Tidy
Books Bookcase
and is always very enthusiastic about picking out his books
every evening!

was reviewing the Bunk Bed Storage Shelf, as we are in the process of moving house, hubbie said we
could not screw it up on the wall just yet. 
We are ordering bunk beds for the boys after we have a moving in date
(keep your fingers crossed for us!). So
I may well update this post with a picture once it makes it on the wall, but
until then you can see how pleased eldest is with his new shelf from his big

think it is a very useful storage solution, as I should imagine you could feel
a little secluded on the top bunk at times without a night-light or drink nearby! Having a decent sized shelf would stop your
child having to journey up and down the ladder to bring up all their favourite
things to bed! I would also feel
reassured knowing they have space for a little light on their shelf that they
can then turn on to help guide them down the ladder safely.

this shelf really works for me as a worrying mum and for my child as a
practical but fun way to store his belongings and cups of water. We reviewed the ‘Around the World’ design,
which costs Β£54.95; the other plain coloured shelves cost Β£49.95. I think the pictures on our shelf though are
interesting and eye-catching so well worth paying that little bit extra. The shelf is the perfect size to hold plenty
within the two sections without looking chunky and dominating any bedroom.

shelf is strong and safe; the back has pre-drilled holes so it will be an easy
process attaching it to the wall. We
had no difficulties with our book shelf and I have every confidence hubbie will
have this on the wall in no time at all once we have settled in to our new

I have a feeling I might have
to buy another one soon after for youngest, he will want the same comforts to
hand when he upgrades to a bunk bed too. 
But I have no qualms treating him to one; they really are a well thought
out product, which will be useful for years. 
Although I bet I will find no one wants to sleep on the bottom bed anymore
as they will all want access to this fabulous shelf.

have kindly been offered one of these bunk bed storage shelves to giveaway if
you would like to enter please fill out the rafflecopter below by the 2nd
of March.

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216 thoughts on “Tidy Books Bunk Bed Buddy Storage Review and Competition

  1. i saw one of these at a friends, would be fab for my son's high sleeper & means i can move the pile of books he tries to sleep with lol

  2. I would love to win for my daughters mid sleeper – she is a little book worm so would love it! Love all the tidy books products!

  3. This would look lovely in my daughter's bedroom and it would mean she could stay snug in bed in the mornings and still have her favourite toys to hand.

  4. I think these are fantastic! Anything that encourages children to pick up books is great. I'd like to win for my friends son!

  5. Great storage option and design. Would blend in with decor in our boys room. Whilst would also be used and loved. Handy for storing books etc.

  6. My son loves reading but at night can be a bit of a pain with books strewn all over his bed, this would be great for him to keep them tidy and encourage even more reading

  7. Because Amy has so many books that I have to currently store some in my bookshelves and I really want her to have her own easily accessible place for books x

  8. my son has been asking for a place to put his medals and certificates out of reach of his little brother and this would be perfect for them as well as his bedtime reading books! πŸ™‚

  9. My nephews room could really do with being more organised , well as organised as it can be with a 2 year old lol xxxx

  10. My son loves bedtime stories, but he has so many books to choose from. This would keep a good selection close, so it would be really useful to him & us!

  11. my daughter loves to read and loves to carry on looking at books after shes in bed she has a mid sleeper bed so this would be great for her

  12. Having a teen, tween and toddler you can imagine we have lots of books but at the moment the toddler has nowhere for his books to go

  13. I've just decorated the spare bedroom for when my nephew stays and this would be perfect for his books. He loves to read.

  14. my son has a bunk bed and takes a mountain of things to bed…he has tissues (for his nose), a light, a drink, his favourite teddy and more often than not his transformers or cars…. he also keeps asking if he can keep his lego models built but theres nowhere his little sister cant reach…this shelf would be perfect for his lego models to live!!

  15. This would be perfect for my little lady's bedroom, she absolutely loves to read and this would keep all of her books neat and tidy.

  16. My lovely daughter loves a bed time story and once I've finished, like to look at the book herself. This would be perfect as she could pick and choose without getting out of bed! πŸ™‚

  17. Why would you like to win? leave a comment here or on my facebook page………….l'd be nominated as SuperGran if l were to win

  18. would love to win this for my son who has a high bed and he wants to take everything to bed lol, would make things much more organised

  19. because my eldest son who is on the top bunk is very protective or his special books and trinkets where as his little brother on the bottom bunk is a monkey at wrecking things !
    My eldest son would feel special to have this πŸ™‚

  20. i would love to win as my son has a bunk bed but sleeps near the ladder so he has somewhere to keep his drink at nights, i always worry that he might tip himself out πŸ™

  21. I've wanted one of these for so long. We have a little bookcase downstairs for my daughter but she likes to keep some of her books upstairs for bedtime stories, their isn't a shelf in her room so there just stacked up on top of her draws.
    But after I've read her a story she likes me to leave the book we've read tucked into the side of her bed (in between the mattress and the bed frame) just in case she needs to see it in the night she tells me.
    I think one of these tidy bookcases would be a much safer place for them though as the often get creased in the bed with her and she'd still be able to get to them if needed.

  22. STACY SORRELL – what a fantastic idea, never seen one like this before. WOULD BE PERFECT,MY LITTLE ONE HAS WAY TOO MANY BOOKS

  23. I'd love to win for my Grand-Daughter, Ellie. We are just decorating the spare room for her and this would be a wonderful addition for her lovely books. Thank you

  24. I'd like to win it for my son, he loves books but we don't like to put too many in his room as he just gets them all out and doesn't go to sleep, this would be perfect to leave him a few of his favourites as well as a place to store some small toys too.

  25. both my kids have midi sleeper and read at night so be nice for them to reach books without getting up and (this may be wishful thinking) but put em away before they go to sleep.

  26. It would be great above my sons bed, he has aspergers and has a collection of things he needs close to him to help him sleep. It would be great to have a little shelf like that by his bed so they could be kept ordered and he could see them but they wouldn't end up dissapearing in his bed with him. I have to empty his bed after he has fallen asleep.

  27. I want to win because I bought my son bunk beds and he throws all his things off the top bunk onto the bottom bunk when he's finished with them! (books etc). This would be fab for him to keep it tidy x

    Deborah Bird

  28. my son loves to read before he goes to sleep, can guarantee that when i go in to turn light off, his glasses are next to him and books all over bed – he is on top bunk so doesnt bother getting up to move them s this would be fab!

  29. This would be great for my grandchildren. Always worry about them climbing out of top bunk and they are both avid readers ! x

  30. Would love to win this for my daughter, what a great idea for books, bedtime drinks and night lights x

  31. Just moving rooms with my 2 kids so they can share as it would be nice for my daughter to have somewhere to put her bits without her brother's little hands getting them.x

  32. our little girl loves a book before bedtime but at the moment we just have a small pile of books on top of her chest of drawers……she'd love a bookcase of her very own!

  33. My little girl is an absolute book addict and she has a cabin bed, so this would be absolutely perfect for her! It would look so gorgeous in her room too as well as being totally practical!

  34. I'd love to win as my DD is getting a "big bed" next week and would love to redecorate her room as a treat for her πŸ™‚

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