Trash Wheels Review

boys have been watching the adverts for these toys with excitement! They already have lots of the little squishy
trash pack figures so its only natural they would want the next new thing to
try out!

The cars are not quite as squishy as the figures but that
makes me happier as they seem a little more robust to be put through their
paces at the Junk Yard. I was quite
impressed with this set, as it seemed to have lots for the boys to do. They had to bring out all their trash packs
later on to come and meet the trash wheels of course, so thankfully that also
kept them busy for a while.

I think they will want to add to the collection and get
the Burger Flip Out set, because once you have had a taste for the features of
one of the sets its likely you will want more! 
They do have lots to offer like I mentioned before, the boys had a crane
at the Junk Yard, a button to press, a lever to move to crush cars, a track to whiz around
and flaps to lift. It’s all the
interesting bits like that and discovering what the set can do that kept them
occupied for ages. You even get a soft block so you can pretend you have recycled one of your cars! Not that you would ever want to really, the cars are quite cool!

The Junk Yard
has an RRP of £24.99 which for the amount of playability my two have had from
it seems a wise investment. Although I
would agree with the 5+ age rating as it does have small pieces and I do not
think it would survive heavy handed play from a toddler as they would probably
be able to snap off a gate or eat a trash wheel!

The packs of 2 trash wheels cost £3.99, the cars are
tiny but much loved nonetheless. I do
think if your child already loves Trash Pack then Trash Wheels will go down
particularly well with them.

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