Valentine Photo Frame Review

I was sent this beautiful wooden frame to review for
Valentines from the folks at I just now need to get a picture of hubbie
sorted so I can display it proudly on the sideboard. Unfortunately I keep most of my photos on the computer but they
should be printed and shown off rather than lost in files so not being cherished.

I am so pleased with it, the frame is well made, much better
than I would have expected for the price of £12.00 considering it is also
personalised. I went for “always and
forever” but of course you could add names instead, making it an extra special
gift for those dearest in your life.

Made in oak it would fit in well with most home
decoration. I think a gift like this is
much nicer than chocolates, which would be gobbled down in a hurry and
gone! With a photo frame you can keep
returning to it and smiling at the memory.

The engraving is very clear on the finished item.

It is very easy to order the frame; you
can experiment with different fonts and see what it will look like before
completing your order. You can also make
the message discrete and small or big and bold whatever suits your needs. At the top of my frame it said Happy Valentines
but I think I prefer the large heart frames
on the site more as you can still add your message but its not just focused on that
one date of the year.

The whole process was quite self-explanatory really but just
in case you do have problems they even offer help with the online designer,
which is useful if you’re not as savvy on computers. But seriously it is refreshingly simple and user friendly.

Aside from the frame I ordered there are plenty of
other personalised items to choose from, if your partner has a sweet tooth what
about a sweet jar to share!

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