Wishing I had a Contingency Fund

have just been informed the house we had hoped to buy needs £15k worth of
urgent work, when you are used to spending most of what you earn making ends
meet you suddenly realise now would be the perfect time to have a contingency
fund in place! But you cannot make one
appear out of fresh air, you have to work hard saving, cutting back and living
on less.

is hard finding the motivation to do all those things, if you have had a
stressful week, the kids are arguing, your full of cold and the house is a
mess. You do not think there is any
harm having the odd Chinese takeaway and cheeky glass of wine, but it’s those
costs that sadly add up!

the Leeds Building Society kick
your habits tool you can easily see how much a difference those cut backs
will make. It does help spur you on and
encourage you to give up some of your luxuries. I mean we can quite easy chuck some vegetables, chicken and
noodles in a pan and have our own tasty meal in and save lots in the
process. I need to think of the end
game, rather than living week to week! 
As nice as a takeaway is the happiness it provides is gone after the
last mouthful, whereas a contingency fund would leave me feeling financially
more secure for much longer.

according to the tool I do spend less than the average £9.12 a week on
alcohol. I buy the occasional bottle of
wine every few weeks (if not monthly) for about £4.99, so I feel a little more
virtuous about that. Although back when
I was in university I think I would have easily spent 10 times the average a
week! I have a feeling some of my
friends though are trying to get me to spend more… one friend in particular
pours very generous glasses of wine when your back is turned!

is the average weekly spend on cigarettes, phew I am glad I do not smoke, that
would be quite a hard habit to fund on our spare change. Hubbie gave up smoking pretty soon after we
got together and I count my blessings seeing how much of your money can
literally go up in smoke!

Takeaways, bottles of wine and lazy lunches if I ruled them out I would soon have money being squirreled
away for a rainy day and then I would not have such a panic attack over my builders quotes!

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