A Caffeine Fix and a Gossip

Every Friday us ladies head to the local café to drink tea
and coffee, eat toasted teacakes and gossip! 
Usually we have slim pickings when it comes to gossip but we always
manage to have a giggle anyway. My
friend has an infectious booming guffaw of a laugh and we were actually told to
quieten down the other day! So I am
wondering before we offend anymore café regulars whether we should move our
location to one of our homes then we can laugh to our hearts content and no one
will be bothered by us!

You can tell we do not go out that often as those little
sessions are looked forward to every week. 
Laughter is a good tonic when everyone seems to be getting on top of you
and we always feel better for off loading about anything, money worries, the
latest on the house I am still trying to buy and whatever else crops up.

I wonder if I get in a decent coffee maker, some tasty
pastries and dust off my cute little teapot if I should be the host of our
mornings. Or we could take it in turns,
although if I invested in a fancy coffee maker I doubt the girls would be keen
to rotate houses and would just keep turning up here. Although the smell of freshly ground coffee might draw other mums
in the area here too! I might end up as
popular as the café…

If I get hubbie back home baking I will have no chance
getting the ladies to move on at 10am so I can tackle my own cleaning, they
will want a top up and a slice of heaven! 
He does make the most delicious cakes. 
We have some baking items to review from Cake Angels, so I know I am guaranteed
cake this weekend!

To think I used to
look forward to drinking weekends pre-kids now all I want is a generous slice
of cake and a hot cuppa (maybe a blanket too!) and I am content and happy with
the world!

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