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was a little sad my two are too big for reviewing one of these gorgeous
bibs! I could not show youngest the
lion one or he would have tried his best to squeeze into it just on principal
(he loves lions that much!). A decent
bib is essential with little ones who are messy things, eating, drinking,
crafting, they literally get covered in chaos! 
Clothes get ruined and stained which is most unfortunate and a little

do not want to restrict your children embracing what the world has to offer
them but you would like to think their clothes would survive the
adventure. The bibT should have been in my
life since the boys were 6 months old then I could have wiped clean all the mess
and saved myself a fortune on clothes.

prints are eye catching and appealing to children. My two would grumble if I tried to dress them appropriately for a
crafting session, refusing those wipe clean aprons, but these cotton tops are
super soft and extra cute so I am sure my two would have had no arguments
wearing them!

can tell that this product was designed and developed by mums it is so
practical but not boring in the least! 
Toddlers need to love the look of something to come on board with an
idea… otherwise they will do what they want even if that means covering
themselves in dinner or paint!

bee, owl, a friendly looking cloud and lion designs so far, I would love to see
bibT brining out more delightful characters to join the collection. You can order the bibs online and I have
kindly been offered a bib of your choice to giveaway here; if you would like to
enter please complete the rafflecopter below by the 10th of April.

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