Celebrating Mothers Day with Picanova

With lots of bills to pay and other responsibilities it’s
easy for Mothers day to go uncelebrated. 
A hug off my boys and a homemade card and I am happy of course, but
occasionally an extra treat would be lovely too.

accept we have other responsibilities so never make a fuss but having stumbled
upon this offer from Picanova,
where you can use a special code for a MASSIVE saving off a canvas I might just
give hubbie more of a nudge this year! 
I think I should bookmark it on his computer or just stick a post stick
note on there, anything for him to take notice. The offer even includes free delivery which is very reasonable given the 60 x 40 cm canvas is only £14.99 just make sure you use the code SAVEONCANVAS.

canvas of your family is always something to be treasured and they are
certainly becoming more affordable with a very competitive market for such
products. So if you shop around you can
get a good deal and I think this is one of the best I have managed to find
anyway. At prices like that I could
afford to treat my own mum to a canvas, I know she would love one, I have lots
from all my reviewing but my poor mum would just be happy to have her first!

have been given a code myself to order a canvas but cannot comment on the
picture quality yet as I will be ordering my own canvas later today. I did not want to wait for it to arrive to
blog about it as the Mothers day guaranteed delivery expires this week.

make sure you upload a picture with suitable dimensions to ensure you get the
best quality canvas you can and they recommend you do not use a picture taken
on your phone as the picture quality will not be good enough, unless you have a
phone with a super camera of course!

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