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am not great at keeping fit. The gym is
beyond me with all the weights stuck on quite elaborate machines that confuse
my sleep-deprived brain! I do not like
anything that involves the outdoors not when its so cold at the moment, so you
can forget seeing me kicking a football unless it’s a desperate attempt to wear
out the boys before bedtime. I always
feel if I keep them active they go to sleep faster and sleep longer and it
seems its been proven
in a study
too, so its worth freezing a little if the payoff is we all get
an early night!

was playing basketball with the boys last night and I was surprised how unfit I
actually am. I think I need to go back
to a regular exercise routine, but I want to do something entertaining that I
will really enjoy. I like listening to
music, so a workout inspired my different tunes would be perfect for me. Otherwise if I see it as another chore I
will never have the energy to do it. 
According to this article music
distracts the mind and keeps you motivated to exercise, which is a good thing as I need to sort out burning off some of my cake habit and quick!

was looking at a recent
survey on dance and fitness to see if it would give me some ideas. I did belly dancing for a bit before kids,
but gave up after a few lessons I just could not get my belly to wiggle
appropriately! Perhaps that is why it
did not score too well in the survey, it actually is a harder challenge than
you think!

Zumba had the highest score so I
might be encouraged to give that a try, especially as they have just started
Zumba sessions locally and it’s proving very popular. A big plus that I get to stay indoors and listen to music, so I
think I am tempted to do that.

Survey results
provided by Dance

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