Dr Toxic’s Slime Lab

are in the middle of National Science and Engineering Week, which runs from
the 14th to the 23rd March so it was very apt for us to feature John Adams and
review one of their science sets.

jumped at the opportunity to get involved, he has said more than once he wants
to be a mad scientist when he grows up! 
So he was quick to don the safety goggles and look the part. I just need to get him a white coat and he
will be all set for world domination (heaven help us!).

Eldest declared very proudly “I have
made a substance”, the next day he wanted to do the same all over again and try
another one of the experiments.

instructions are very comprehensive. We
had daddy supervision as the set is for children 8+ (under adult guidance). It was lovely seeing the pair of them
spending quality time together and connecting over a shared love of slime! Eldest loved the feel of the goo!

Eldest is almost 7 but he is a very
sensible 7, my youngest on the other hand would probably slime the dog! So do approach science sets with caution.

The Dr Toxic Slime Lab has a SRP of
£24.99 and for the education value and entertainment provided I think that is
well worth the cost. It is a good
grounding into the fundamentals of science, mixing chemicals, learning about
safety and the proper handling of acids, alkalis and flammable liquids.

Diabolical Diseases (SRP £19.99)
another of the John Adams science sets sounds quite interesting (if not a
little vomit worthy!) whereby you can learn all about gory diseases and see
everything from burst boils to diseased skin!

I think we will purchase further
science sets now and then just to develop that early interest in science eldest
is displaying. It might give him a
welcome head start when they do cover more science topics at school.

These products are available
in good toy stores and online. For a list of stockists, call John Adams on
01480 414361 or visit http://www.johnadams.co.uk/

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