Finding some inspiration on a budget

I watch home renovation programmes on television all the
time lately and I am often seriously impressed with how fabulous a job is done
for such a teeny tiny budget. It’s
amazing what a lick of paint, some serious elbow grease and removing an old
patterned carpet can do to a place. 
Some are completely transformed for a lot less than you would think
humanely possible. I think I spend more
on cake in a year than what a few had to magically make over an entire

I know we need to shop around to get the best deals and
take a leaf out of those programmes that just focus on the main issues. I can hang fire on the Jacuzzi bath I so
crave and instead prioritise getting rid of the old-fashioned wallpaper, dated
worn carpet and awful curtains to give the house an instant refresh without a
huge outlay.

I am pleased to see a laminate flooring sale as
I prefer this to carpet for my asthmatic son and as cold as it feels underfoot
I am tempted to do a few of the rooms in the new house just for the ability to
keep them clean. A quick steam mop and
they are as good as new again, whereas a carpet wears each muddy footprint like
a medal for everyone to seeā€¦

In the new house I want to make a couple of feature walls
with wallpaper or different coloured paint to give it the lift it so badly
needs but without breaking the bank. 
Before I move I must completely de-clutter the house, at the moment it
is quite an eyesore in places and I do not want to carry that problem onto a
new house. I need to come up with a
suitable way to store all the boys’ toys, games and artwork without it covering
every worktop and surface anymore!

There are more decorating on a budget tips here
that I plan to follow them religiously as we will not have much money if the
house sale ever goes through (month 3 and still waiting, I am losing all
hope!). Wish me luck.

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