Gross Magic Review and Competition

spent an enjoyable evening last night going through the contents of this
revolting magic box. It is aimed at
children 8+ so hubbie played magician and we watched the show.

The boys were completely enraptured by the different
tricks, eldest would try and question each one and would sometimes find out the
truth behind the magic but a couple of times we were all clueless and

was perfect at doing it; he had grotty magic words and elaborate hand gestures
that built up the suspense and the drama of the performance. I think he would be ideal for birthday
parties, I can imagine the boys and their friends enjoying this as party
entertainment. A box costs £19.99 so
considerably cheaper than a proper entertainer and just as much fun for
everyone watching.

liked going through the contents of the box, he was quite happy just playing
with the slime and the other props.

As the children get a little older I can imagine them
taking over the show. This set
definitely intrigued them. It’s a good
to see them questioning tricks and wanting to see how they work for the ones
they could not figure out it was wonderful seeing the sheer wonder sparkling in
their eyes!

It is a bit different from your magic sets of old; you
will not find a red silk handkerchief here more likely a snot crusted one! It is everything that is yacky and
disgusting! But children are always
going on about poo and snot so they are the perfect props for their own magic

You can find out more information on the Drumond Park website but in the meantime you can win your own copy here. Please kindly complete the rafflecopter below by the 1st of April.

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162 thoughts on “Gross Magic Review and Competition

  1. this is a must on the Christmas list for my grandson…or should I give it to son-in-law…. Hmmmm tough choice as they both have pretty gross ideas when it comes to science and anatomy….

  2. My son has been asking for this since playing with it at a friends house. I must say it does look fab!

  3. My eldest grandson would just love this, I bought him one similar last year, thanks for chance to win x
    Tracy Sinclair
    Twitter @tjsi1963

  4. my grandson just loves this , i should have got it him for crimbo but didnt , so maybe i could win it , great comp thanks

  5. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! I have a 7 year old nephew how would take great delight in this 🙂

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