Hamilton Turnberry Changing Bag Review

I was pleased when this lovely changing bag arrived, even though
my changing bag days are very much over I still enjoy roomy bags.

The bag arrived within a bag, always a good
sign I find that something is that bit more exclusive!

I love the bright bold colour and the inside of the bag is so very
stylish (silky red leopard print).

would never guess such a bag would double to carry all the baby essentials you
could ever need. Hamilton Turnberry is
such a success I think because the owner, Louisa Whitlock, has four children
herself, so she realises what mums really need bags to do for them. We want to be chic but have real functionality too.

Becoming a mum is a big adjustment and it can feel overwhelming at
times. But having a decent changing bag
can really help, being organised makes nappy changes easier, the insulated
bottle warmer pockets ensure a hungry baby is well fed when you need them to be
and all the space means you have room for pretty much anything you could
possibly need plus a few extra’s for your own sanity (maybe a big bar of
chocolate for the mid morning energy slump!).

The included accessory pack (changing mat,
bottle warmer and wet pouch) make it all excellent value.

Surprisingly this Victoria
bag is available to buy from www.hamiltonturnberry.co.uk for £59.99. I think its worth the investment as after
the baby grows you still have a fabulous bag to take out on nights out with the
girls! The practical inside is easily
removed so no one would ever know its dual purpose.

You can follow Hamilton Turnberry on facebook and twitter.

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