Honestech VHStoDVD 7.0 Deluxe Competition

There are still enough of us old
school people who are familiar with a VHS. 
Although if my boys spotted one I am not quite sure what they would make
of it as they have grown up with other formats. Youngest would probably try and take out all the tape from it and
make another invention… (He made a dog lead the other day out of an elastic
band and some string bless him!).

We have some lovely videos on VHS
from my childhood including a much-enjoyed visit to Florida when I was 15. My mum has them all, but now no one actually
owns a video player! They seem to have
faded out of existence replaced with DVD’s and blu-rays. So I do not get to revisit our family trip
anymore, which is quite sad really!

Well I have a competition to help my
followers having the same problem. With
the VHStoDVD (RRP Β£59.99) you can change all that and start to convert your old videos
and music onto new platforms. You can
even do some fancy extra’s to make your footage more user friendly with menu options,
improve the quality (brightness, contrast and saturation) and do some
customisation if you so desire (adding music and special effects!). So as you can imagine having VHStoDVD gives
you lots more options to enhance your old videos. I think my boys would love seeing their mummy, uncle and
grandparents looking more youthful! I
think the boys sometimes forget we were ever children ourselves…

Available to buy from Amazon but your can enter
my giveaway here too; the winner can choose to have the MAC version if they
would prefer. Either way this is the
perfect opportunity to return to those treasured memories and remember all your
magical moments growing up (and see my poodle perm in all its glory again
eeek!). Simply complete the rafflecopter below by the 5th of April.

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207 thoughts on “Honestech VHStoDVD 7.0 Deluxe Competition

  1. What a brilliant product, I have loads of VHS tapes in my attic which need converting.

    Is your husband still obsessed with gaming? One used to have golf widows now it it gaming widows!

  2. I would love to win this prize as I have one or two old VHS tapes to convert of my 21 year old when he was a baby/toddler, would love to transfer them to be able to show my youngest two what their brother was like (complete nightmare lol)

  3. What a useful prize. The things you do with your boys brings back a lot of happy memories of things I did with my son and daughter. We were always making/baking things.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  4. Would love to win this, got some large boxes of old home movies on VHS which would be great to transfer onto DVD. The local video shop charges a lot to do this so winning a device to do it would be great and help keep precious memories alive in the family.

  5. My mum wants something like this soo bad so she can transfer all my childhood vids onto dvds to show my son!
    If i win this its being wrapped up for her 50th bday this year and being blogged about on my parent blog!!!

  6. I'd love one of these machines, I've got a load of VHS that we never watch because we don't own a VHS player anymore. I went to a photo shop to see how much it would cost to transfer them to DVD. I was shocked when he said Β£12 a hour. So this machine would be a great investment.

  7. Would love it as well – Carolin has her videos in her attic, my hundreds are in the side room off the kitchen
    Spencer Broadley

  8. I have a video of my dad going upstairs at a dinner party & coming downstairs in my mother's bathing costume. My mother always said she couldn't take him anywhere. I would love to preserve this memory as my lovely dad is no longer with us.

  9. this would be great to to transfer all the video's we have in the loft from when we were kids.. Could have an embarasing cinema night at home watching these.
    debbie jackson

  10. I have loads of holiday videos I'd love to convert – would be fun to see them again πŸ™‚


  11. My father has some fantastic footage of me as a child which we would love to transfer to DVD – fingers crossed!

  12. this would be so great to win as I have so many memories tied up in VHS, so thank you for the opportunity to win it!!!!

  13. Wanting to buy one of these to convert old videos of my dad who has recently passed; we don't have a working VCR player so this would be ideal!

  14. Would be great for my grandparents who need something like this as they were going to pay someone but it was like :O "how much?" LOL


  15. This is fab! I would so love this, I have a lovely video of when my son was tiny which we did for hubbys grandma, I would love to have it put onto dvd so I can keep it safe πŸ™‚

  16. Fantastic prize. I have so many videos of our son growing up and also of my mum and dad who have now passed away and I can no longer view them. Would love to have a chance to relive those happy memories.

  17. This would be great as all my films of the children growing up are on VHS, many thanks for showing me that this product exists.

  18. I would love to transfer many many years of old video onto DVD so many memories just wasting away on old vt tapes

  19. This is a brilliant prize. I have just been told I have cancer. It is treatable but who knows, and this would be a great way to transfer all those memories to DVD just in case.

  20. I'd love this to convert my Mum's VHS tapes (both purchased ones and home made) onto DVD. She would be so amazed to see all her old memories πŸ™‚

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