Hotel Chocolat for Easter

I am not sure who was more excited when this fabulous
Easter egg arrived, the kids, hubbie or myself! It was so beautifully presented in an attractive box.

Then inside with golden
foil was the egg and chocolates nestled in paper it was hard not to get carried away! I think it was chocolate love at first

the tasting lived up to the excellent (or should that be eggscellent!)
appearance of the egg. The egg shell
chocolate was very thick and delicious, I have been trying to cut back a little
but when a Hotel Chocolat egg lands in your house there is no self-control
anymore, not until every last bit of it disappears!

included chocolates were very moreish I would have liked to have had the
opportunity to try more of them. I made
do with a happy smiling chocolate brownie face whilst the boys and their friend
who was here on a playdate demolished the rest, the one I tried was heavenly
crispy chocolate buttercream encased in milk chocolate.

Crack Me Up costs £28 and is such a blissful indulgent treat. It’s hard not to feel cheery when the
chocolate look so happy!

I think we
will be hard pushed to have Easter eggs from anywhere else now. They do cost more from Hotel Chocolat but
they are such an extravagance that you can stomach the cost (especially as the
chocolate is so thick, not like some disappointedly wafer thin eggs you can

quite fancy the Rocky
Road to Caramel one next but if hubbie did spoil me with that one, I think
I would enjoy it after the boys have gone to sleep… so I can savour every last
mouthful! I think I have been ruined now, no Easter eggs will ever compare after my Hotel Chocolat experience. I would say though a Hotel Chocolat egg lasts longer because they are so rich and decadent you only need a small piece of the extra thick shell to feel satisfied!

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