How To Be A Supermum: Make Your Immune System Stronger & Never Get Sick!

Nobody likes getting ill, but sometimes, as a busy mother you just don’t have time to get ill because let’s face it, you can’t exactly stop “working” can you?

That’s why I decided to write this post, because in actual fact there is an awful lot you can do to improve your immune system and to make yourself much less vulnerable to viruses like the common cold. Sure you’re going to get sick occasionally, but with the right lifestyle you can make it a much rarer occurrence and you will also ensure that when the flu strikes, you can brush it off that much sooner.


You’ll probably have at least one fitness fanatic friend who gushes about the gym and their running routine. And chances are, they don’t get sick as often as everyone else. Apart from making you physically stronger, exercise can help to flush out toxins and bad bacteria, increase the rate of white blood cells which fight illness, and help with stress.

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Don’t worry, though, if you don’t have time go to the gym, a daily half hour walk with the kids or a bike ride a few times a week can make a huge difference. The key to make sure you stick to a new, more active routine is to find something that you enjoy doing and to fit it into your daily routine.


A healthy diet is essential in boosting your immune system. We’re not talking about taking on a fad juice diet or only eating salad for the rest of your life – the main thing is to eat sensibly and to think about how you’re fuelling your body.

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The vast majority of people don’t get enough vitamins and as a busy mum you might well struggle more than most, but getting enough vitamins and minerals into your daily food and drink intake is vital.

* Calcium can reduce the risk of osteoporosis

* Vitamin B12 is thought to be important in the fight against dementia

* Folic acid can help to ward off colon cancer

* Being health makes you more energetic and more productive

Try to get your intake through fruit and veg, but if you are struggling then taking vitamin tablets to supplement your intake is acceptable. This article offers a great guide to fruit and vegetables that will help you to get enough vitamins and minerals, and this guide is great for other foods that can help to give your immune system a boost.


Sleep deprivation is one of the most common issues for mothers of young children and it’s not an easy problem to solve. Unfortunately a lack of sleep can also cause many other problems that may surprise you, such as obesity and diabetes, and even shortened life expectancy.

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However, there are plenty of ways to help to get your recommended eight hours, such as a bedtime routine, switching off phones and tablets earlier in the evening and relaxation techniques. This guide offers some useful tips on how to get a peaceful night of rest.


If you’re a smoker then you’ll probably have been warned many times of the dangers, but if you really want to boost your immune system then it’s worth reminding yourself of the benefits of quitting – and you’ll see those benefits pretty quickly. In just two weeks you’ll begin to notice a difference in your circulation, and after three months your lung function will have increased by up to ten per cent.

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These benefits will, of course, help to strengthen your immune system, and while it will probably be difficult to quit if you’re a lifelong smoker, it really will be worth it. Take a look at this help guide for some motivation and tips.

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