Introducing LEGO Mixels

My boys were over the moon setting eyes on these three
cute packets. Youngest was so
enthusiastic he was actually determined to build his own for a change, refusing
all offers of help.

Usually eldest is the master builder of our household, so
it was nice seeing his little brother giving it a go and developing his own
skills. Since he turned five he is very
adamant he can do things just as well as his six-year-old brother!

There are three tribes of Series 1 Mixels, all of which sound quite
a mouthful; we have the Infernites, Cragsters and Electroids. Within each tribe you have an assortment of
unique looking characters with their own personalities. They really are quite something! Overall there are plenty of features perfect
for adventure and conquests, like an electrically charged tail, living
lightening rods or sizzling hands.

These fellows sparked the imagination of my boys and they
particularly liked that you could combine sets of three characters into one
epic one! So we will be adding to their
collection soon so they can work on super sizing the figures using the
instructions available online.

These characters have so much potential for being
creative, their eyes, teeth and claws, wings, tails and horns, give you so much
to work with if you choose to leave the instructions behind and come up with
your own original Mixel. You can then
give your creation a name and its own individual personality, so there is
plenty of re-playability with these sets.

With an RRP of £3 per character and available to buy from all good retailers they make wonderful
mini treats especially as they do look so quirky! Mixels premiered on Cartoon Network so you can learn more about what the characters get up on that channel as they try and fend off the Nixel’s!

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