Lego Juniors Review

youngest always looks up to his older brother who is a very capable LEGO
builder with awe. Youngest is
interested in LEGO generally and enjoys adding pieces together to make
something of his own creation but he does not tend to follow the instructions,
finding them too complicated and tuning off quickly when it comes to set model

that all changed when he was sent a box of LEGO Juniors to try out. It is a good transition from DUPLO as
children can get used to the smaller bricks but without it being too much of a
leap in capability!

have stacks of Duplo at home (which we will keep for the grandkids one day!)
but we are slowly building up a collection of the smaller bricks to rival it,
having LEGO Juniors to review here has helped build up the confidence of my
youngest, so he feels he can do things just as well as his brother now.

are simpler sets because the instructions are very easy to follow, some parts
are ready to start them off (like the base of the vehicle to build on) so they
feel they are making progress straight away and the pre-numbered bags make it
easier to find the various parts for each particular build project. Children 4-7 years old will love the 13 play
sets and the extra included bricks were well received (youngest considers
himself a master builder now and wants more bricks to let his imagination run
wild, the only limit to his creations is the number of bricks he has!).

were sent the Juniors Construction set (£14.99) not only is the LEGO itself
appealing, both my boys loved the sturdy brick box it came packaged in. It is handy to store your LEGO creations or
just to hold any of your “treasures”. 
LEGO fans will fight over who gets to keep the block in their room…
(mine did!). It does seem great value
for £14.99 seeing as the storage box was a very welcome bonus and the
instructions come with suggestions for rebuild projects so you do get a lot of
playability here.

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