Mothers Day with Hotel Chocolat

When you receive a Hotel Chocolat bag you know something
indulgent will be nestled inside and I was very happy to discover the luxurious
Revive Body Butter waiting for me.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to spoil the mum’s in our lives or get
spoilt yourself, we all need some pampering now and then, a bit of TLC to feel
loved and cherished. Being a mum is
tough at times, suriving the tantrums and meltdowns it’s healthy to have a break and enjoy some ME time!

So tonight I shall be having a bath and then more of my
lovely cream, letting my worries slip away and treasuring a moments peace and
quiet to myself, before smelling heavenly again.

Until I had this product to review I must confess I had
not realised there was more to Hotel Chocolat other than the decadent chocolate
they do so well (surely that in itself is more than enough!) but of course why
stop at just eating the chocolate, when you can enjoy the benefits of cocoa on
the outside of your body too!

When I took the lid off I was not quite sure what it would
smell like or whether I would like it, as much as I adore eating chocolate I do
not think I would want to smell like a giant walking bar of the stuff! Thankfully this body butter is delightful, it has a delicate fragrance that is refreshing. The fresh citrus smell is very pleasant
indeed. It sinks into the skin quickly
and leaves your body feeling smooth and gorgeous.

So spoil the mum’s this March and give them an extravagant
treat – please no oven gloves, ironing boards or tea towels unless you want
your bags packed! I do not want any
practical presents for my Mother’s Day gift! 
It’s my turn to be treasured. So take note hubbie of the selection on the Hotel Chocolat website.

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